Professional Development Assignment 1

               September 4, I attended the Accounting Society Fall Forum as part of the Major Exploration/ College Planning portion of my Professional Development component.  At the Accounting Society Fall Forum there were many different accounting firms present including J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Cohn Reznick, and many others. I had the chance to network with various employees at these firms. I went table to table, introducing myself and asking questions. I asked about the opportunities which these firms offer, particularly to freshman. Unfortunately I only came across one firm that had any chances for freshman to get involved, through a three day summer shadowing program. Most of the people at the forum did give me their card and encouraged me to send a resume and keep in touch.

            This event certainly helped me develop professional skills and explore what area of business I want to study. This was my first time experiencing a networking event, so it was nice to feel out what it is like as a freshman. It was good to practice introducing myself to people in that environment and making connections. I did make a few connections that I feel might be helpful in the future which I think is great for my first week of college. Not only did I develop my networking skills at this event but I also learned a lot about the field of accounting. I learned the difference between public and private accounting, what firms look for when recruiting accounting majors, and how exciting forensic accounting is. I am very glad I went to this event, as I learned a lot and surprisingly enjoyed myself as well.